Well if you would have told me at any point in my life that I would be 60 years old, living on a boat and building a awesome house on an acre and driving a industrial style SUV- that would not have been a thing I would believe. I have raised 4 kids mostly as a single mom and went through various struggles but we always had a decent place to live. I lived mostly a suburbia life, with the exception of spending 3 years in a loft on a waterway here in the city. That was when all my kids but one moved out. I was a construction workers wife in my 20’s and learned the trade of fixing houses early on. I used to tell old men what to as we had a company with crews. One worker tried to not get to the job on time and I told him he needed to be there. He told me, well missy, I don’t get up and get out of bed until I have a hard on. I said, well you better start jerking cuz I don’t have time for this! I was 22 and not in the sex business. But never intimidated. Then when I was around 27, I had 2 kids by then, the company with my then husband and my next door neighbors said what are you going to do with your life? I was dumbfounded….well it seemed to me I was doing it. Who would know the path my life would take. By the time I was 33, I had 4 kids ands my husband and I were not getting along. We had a very successful business but he was never around. We had a falling out, then a war and it ended up destroying our assets. I was 35 with 4 kids and no money and scraping to be in a place. I messed up 3 house deals, ended up in a apartment I called ”the room” for them like a hotel. Somehow I got back on my feet, I did one big land deal and we got a lease purchase on a more affordable house. I lived in that area in that house, then another 6 bedroom place with a pool for 10 years so they could go to school. The market turned after that and I ended up with one child in rehab from drugs and my whole life falling apart and moved to a rental on another side of town. I called us ”posers” as we lived somewhere I couldn’t really afford. That is the time I entered the adult business. I was 47 by then. I got us through that, everyone grew up and I lived in that loft for 3 years. I did a 55 and still alive party to have all my kids come see me and each other at a air b and b. I had rented a condo – for just me. I believed at that time just 5 years ago that I was done and just live a quiet life in a basic condo with no garage. I thought I could do a lock and leave. Well it wasn’t enough , so I moved to a patio home that had a garage and pool. Then I thought I was done again. The pandemic hit and changed my views on life and living and my environment. Last year I wrote a deal on a acre home to built. During the time of deciding where to go if I sold the home I came up with the houseboat idea as I was wake surfing all the time and always loved the water. So here I am at age 60, living on a boat. It is very active to live on a boat and dock. It takes a lot of walking and hauling your things in and out to do anything. Bringing in supplies is rough. It is so peaceful however and sometimes the boat rocks and sways. Fish hit the boat, the boat moves and the flags and things on sails clang in the wind. Sometimes it’s really calm. Just saying you can never say never and you really don’t know where life is going to take you. If when I was 20 you would have said this, I would have never even know I would be divorced. If when I was 40 you would have told me I would be a known adult actress I would have never have believed that. If you would have said I would be 60, a surfer and living on a boat, I would have said that is impossible and crazy talk. So when anyone asks now if that house is my last house, I have to say I couldn’t tell you. Hey someday I may develop a shopping mall or homeless colony or maybe be jumping off a mountain in Peru. My point is keep an open mind. On new work, for my industry I am going to try and do what I can from here. I a little bit of downtime has been required to make all this happen and I don’t have all my things available to me. I have this I pad and one computer – laptop on the boat. I have another place I set up the big mac. The equipment is partly there and partly in storage. I am going to do what I can to get posting more and creating more. Next year 2022 I will try and make some rounds to studios being 60, a milestone year. I am staying in shape being on the dock and finding new locations to work out. Trying a new pilates studio and did find a gym nearby that is one of my chains I belong to. Still surfing but getting a little cold even with a wetsuit , I guess now til about February. I just had to write a bit for you since I can’t film as much ! xoxo


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