After much thought and careful consideration…I have came to a place that I love just being a person with a soul. I hope you continue to enjoy my past works and sites and enjoy the sites I have shot for. I have worked for a long time and now just taking a time out to do and be me and enjoy my life and my family. Payton will continue to resume productions after I settle some personal matters in my life. This year I shot for several production companies including Anilos, Private Society, Naughty America, Mature NL, Older Woman Fun, Skeet Films and most recently It has become increasingly difficult to fly so I have to get over the most recent plane trips before I attempt to fly out again. The world is in such a mess they keep making excuses about why the planes are messed up but I personally don’t believe any of that bs. I feel it is more about the vaccine issues. Anyways I have quit getting injured and been enjoying the outdoors and being physical. For everyone who celebrates the Holidays I wish you all the best and to all of us a great 2022.

Cheers !



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