Okay so I ran across a picture of a dress I brought a few years ago and used it on twitter. It was kind of artsy photo of me in a dress teasing with some mens style underwear. The dress was long and had some cool cut outs on it under boob. It was a color I didn’t usually wear but I try to break out of a mold once in awhile. I didn’t have the same disposable income at that time so I hemmed it myself. Kind of a lot of work for not a seeemtress…..Anway I had a Vegas trip planned and as usual had a line up in my head of what to wear and bring. I went and got my nails done this crazy orange color that I would not normally wear.  One of my daughters had came home from out of town and spent a few days with me prior to my trip.  Well she left and I started packing.  OMG the dress was missing!  I had these crazy orange nails a trip with events and no dress to match! Of course I had to resort to some basic black that goes with anything but it felt kind of Halloween.  Ugh ….so time goes on like a year or so and its the Holidays ….Well low and behold I get a photo of another daughter of mine with her husband and guess what she is wearing? ….You only need one guess.  It was that fucking dress! I am like “wow” so the one not only took the dress and never admitted it but then even gave it away. Well it was pretty fucking funny.  We all laughed and I had her send it to me. I finally wore it for my 2nd Allover30.com shoot after all those miles that thing had on it.

Funny thing is…It is missing again ! WTF ?

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