So I was at the nail shop again the other day getting my nails done before New Years. I go to one near me and I have been going there a couple of years. I do a lot of sparkly colors and I love to match my nails to my toes.  When I first started there a New Owner had taken it over. He talked me into this product that is a powder called SMS and I said only if they can do it on my feet too.  They agreed but kept making it more expensive to do the  toes. They could not out price me and gave up.  It has changed owners since and they always give me issue on doing that on my feet. We got past that and here we are again a new owner. She did not want to do the powder on my toes.  She was trying to get me to do “similar” but not matching. I was so frustrated. She says “ why do you need that on you toes?” Finally I just snapped and answered… “Look I do something important with my feet that they need to look perfect!, I use them”. She stares straight back and me and said “that is the weirdest thing I have heard anyone say” and kind of gets confused and starts to sort of laugh.  So then I say, “ Ok so I don’t usually say but I will tell you. I am a foot model and I use my feet for my job and I even have a profile on this thing call “wikifeet” I have a website and a clips stores and fans and sell custom movies.”I did not elaborate into porn.  But finally a part of me is just out and me and will no longer have to explain the importance of why I need my hands and feet perfect being some old grandma lady that they think sits around and either golfs on bakes cookies all day. A different nail shop I had tried to go I told them I wanted sparkles. She said You, no need sparkles. So I turned around and found the one I go to now lol.  Since we are on topic, check out my Wikifeet profile and as well I am opening a special foot only foot site on probably called Payton’s Foot Fantasies.  I wear size 6 shoes US and 36 ER and I am posting a new PO Box Address to my site this month. 🙂

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