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Okay so it’s the night of the 23rd…. I am almost ready…well almost as ready as I am going to get. Tomorrow I still have to run a few more errands, shop a bit more and get the food all together.  It has been a crazy season … too many events and parties – they frustrate me because your diet and work out get all jacked.  But I took precautions this year. I joined a 60 day challenge at one of my gyms.  I got my weight and body composition etc all done and I really wasn’t so bad to start. I started at 23.1% fat and that is fit already. I was going to try and change some behaviors and create routines to keep my mind sane with the side benefit of toning up more and getting into better shape for the AVN and beg of year “shooting” season.  With doing that challenge I as well, joined a class in the super early am called ALPHA Strong. Small group that kicks your ass. Then still doing 2 other days a week with my vegan girl trainer who comes to me. So now I am training 5 days a week for sure and trying to eat as well as possible. So the very first day I get to the class I was worried that I signed up for something I wasn’t cut out to do…mind you there is not much I think that about. I wakeboard reasonably well for a female my age and before that I waterskied and was a slalom rider no 2 ski’s for me. I taught my kids and grandkids to wakeboard.  Anyway I rarely fail but the first time I tried wake surfing it was last year mid November with maybe a shorty wetsuit and I could not get it. I was so angry and finally after freezing to death I came back in the boat. My old friend says to me “what is the matter? Something you’re not perfect at ? ” …..Um Ya ….I thought RIGHT , that is the issue.   Well this year I picked it up first try in the warm weather.  But similar to the wake surf thing …was this Class. The only issue is there is a group and everyone else seems to sort of know what they are doing.  We did a lot of moves that are very different than what I had done. Powerlifting ?! , Rowing?!!! , other army seal kinds of things, and running on a treadmill …actual running. Well , ok for me I lifted weights a lot,  did a bikini competition-like body building style, I do cardio on steps and things and machines and in classes, and rowing -not so much.  So at first when he is try to get me to snatch lift this bar up, my boobs were in the way (and they are way smaller than most my friends), my back arch is too much (what ? I worked years to get that arch right ?) , and then my belly button ring got knocked off rolling that bar all over me.  He nearly kills me dumping me onto a running treadmill.  He says clearly I have worked out as I am in some kind of shape and I have mature muscles, but he’s trying to figure out what I know how to do.  Well I explained that I was an 80’s Barbie and this workout is all different.  About that rowing machine. Well I told him Im that bitch that sits in the boat and lets the man row. Lol , we are getting along better now and I understand the moves more and he appreciates me more now too.  I just think I may make it and I am certain I will have improvement on my stats when the 8 weeks are over.

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