This months marks a year anniversary of living more plant based.  I am so happy I decided to go this path.  It kind of all started with being soooo tired of eating NO carbs and a ton of “protein” and what felt like no variety and I was not really making any new progress fitness wise.  I was ready for a change ! My youngest daughter had switched to Vegan and suggested I read “Skinny Bitch” which the name appealed to me.  So in August last year I went on a quest to actually make a 30 effort to try it. I had imagined that it would be hard and I would feel deprived and out of place.

Actually just the opposite is true. I read the book and several others and become disgusted with the meat/dairy/chicken industry and the practices and the filth and encroachment that commmercial animal farming has on our world.  I felt bad and sad for the animals bred simply to be food. I admit I started out doing this for me and my personal progress and a side effect was caring about them as creatures. I feel our whole civilization somehow started out on the wrong food as society in general. It is positive though that the outlook of more people changing a becoming aware and wanting to be healthier that more people will become more plant based.

At home it is super easy to eat vegan as there are tons of really great products and receipes and that coupled with fresh veggies, fruits and grains it is relatively easy to create anything you desired before in a vegan version. I have converted many recipes to vegan or vegetarian by using vegan mayonnaise/sour cream made out of tufu etc.  I eat more things that I liked but never ate because it was too “fattening” in animal version like beef stroganoff. I make one now out of protein noodles, which have legumes in them, tofutti sour cream, mushroom soup and what I call pretend meatball and of course mushrooms.  It has been a lot of fun. I make a green chilli burger in vegan style that emulates the one at Whataburger.  There is nothing better than avocado toast with fresh tomatoes, ezikial bread, lemon juice, and everything but the bagel seasoning.

Out is another story….In the quest to find good vegan food out there is an app called Happy Cow you can locate places who make vegan and there are some options at some places. The issue with food out is that a lot of what they make isn’t really that healthy and is too many.  Once in awhile that is okay but what I mostly do out is have as much veggies as possible and some vegetarian food and sometimes fish. I do pescatarain out a lot as good seafood somehow doesn’t bother me like the land animal protein.  I don’t eat very much of it but a bit of fish or scallops/lobster or crab I kind of still will eat.

Anyway overall I feel better. I have leaned out a bit and enjoy eating plant based and wanted to share this to celebrate that its’ been a year !



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  1. That’s awesome. I had no idea when I became a fan of yours. It’s been almost 6 months for me since I went vegan. I decided to start a plant based diet when I saw one too many videos on Facebook showing what they do to those poor animals. In those 6 months I have slipped and bought some vegetarian food (made with milk and/or eggs). I’ve also heard so many negative comments from my body building friends. They say I won’t get enough protein. I haven’t been back in the gym for a while, but I know I’ll lean out as soon as I do start. Keep it up. And happy vegan anniversary to you.


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