I was shopping at Trader Joe’s recently.  I have about 5 stores I have to make the rounds to, as each store has 2 or 3 certain items that are only there.  I switched my diet nearly a year ago to what I call “At home Vegan” , and out and about as much plant based as possible with some vegetarian and some fine seafood.  The thing is I am kind of a spoiled food snob so I only like really nice food and sometimes there isn’t any good vegan in the beautiful places I get to go to.
But at home I am full on vegan as there is so many products now from pretend sour cream (non diary)made out of tofu to fish less fish made out of soy and pea protein and things like noodles out of legumes that contain protien and jackfruit which subs in for anything like crab to pulled pork.  Any food I like somewhere can be made vegan at home. Thus the reason to scurry around to several stores as one has the perfect coconut creamer and corn/wheat tortillas and another has the vegan mayonnaise and pretend meets and normal stores have all the reg items such as fruits veggies and basics.

What I like the most is now I eat carbs after years of all proteins and no carbs!

I started this to feel better and change my diet and then ended up caring about the animals and the damage we do to our planet with commercial farming practices.

But here comes the funny part ….so I am at the cash register and about ready to check out. It is busy in there.  Somehow this wine bottle falls through the cart where you kid would sit and breaks all over the floor. Ugh how embarssing! A clean up guy comes over and the other cusotmers all take notice. Pretty soon everyone is loving the wine smell and asking what kind it is where to do find it. Then it goes from one guy mopping up to another guy coming out on riding machine like an ice rink Zamboni . Omg all this over a little spilled wine. The lady behind me starts talking about steamers to clean and I say I used to have one. Then the cute young guy at the cash regester says “they are only good if you ride them” as the one in processs was a riding one.   At that moment with all the energy and him being cute the whole scenerio a porn scene breaks out in my head.  I can see me saying “yes , I agree and I can ride you” , so then this scene would happen in a grocery store first me and him and then a few of the other hot people there would join in and it could be a group sex scene in a grocery store.  Some of us just can’t stop the imagination in their heads all day.    I did have to laugh at my thoughts on the way out however. Wonder if anyone else thought the same thing?

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