So on Friday this week, 2 days ago I had the most amazing day!

I had a custom order and it turned out that I only had a cameo in it to be doing but was directing and producing it.  I had as well planned on doing a couple other things with the talent while they were all present to be efficient.  Usually we do that at least 3 at time. This day however had another undertone going on as well…
There is a guy who I am really into. He and I have known each other for a number of years.  He had kind of dipped out of my life for a few months and  in past weeks we have been been dancing back and forth where it’s very hot when we see each but kind of limited and random due to our obligations and schedules.

Well he decides that morning that he wants to come see my shoot !:? Oh no…this is a normal guy who doesn’t do this all day and my topic was extreme incest gilf/grandson fetish work. A whole slew of questions fly through my head.  Is he gonna judge me ? Will he think I am deranged ? How can I work with him around? Shit I don’t usually rely on others alone to convey the point of the movie either, am I going to make others capture the essence of the film without “carrying” the scene? But it had to be a split decision #1 let him come and see what part of what I do really is. He knows I do porn but many people only see the glamour part of it, the sexy photos and the items you send to them not the inner workings of a porn set, the reshoots, the struggle and what it takes to come together, Or #2 Miss a chance to see him and not share more about me fully and have great sex most likely.  Normally I may pick option B but right now I take a chance and go with it and just let him come taking option A.

He arrived a few minutes before the others and we started talking about our own stuff.  I am already feeling heightened sense of excitement with his presence. My talent and video guy all arrive and I try to keep with business and get going with the set up and model releases ect, the housekeeping so to speak.   We get to it and do the shoot.  It was very tedious and I had to focus while being distracted.  Word for word, line for line, innuendo to next place… All the while I am worrying if he is just gonna leave and be thinking she is nuts and weird.  I would check if he was still around but so immersed in the moment I can’t be aware of all else, but still feeling the sexual tension mount within me about him and what I was doing.  Well I could not be happier once we had the final “cut” and “it’s a wrap”.  The energy to control others while not doing it yourself is depleting.  I let them know that I was good and we didn’t need to shoot more that day. I had planned a panty fetish scene in the laundry room and pool scene with boobs bouncing, but saving it for another day.  Everyone got on their way except for just him and I .

We embraced and started making out for real. I loved feeling his hard body and firm defined triceps.  I loved the dance of the kiss becoming a conversation of it’s own. I loved feeling down his spine and the perfect curve where the lower back meets the ass. I was intoixicated . He told me that he liked watching me direct and jump in there and just be right in the middle of it. He said it was good and all cool what I did and was doing. He admired watching me work. I felt validated and accepted . I loved that he could appreciate this other part of me.

The afternoon continued and we found ourselves in a frenzy of fucking in the kitchen family room going hard. We are both pretty athletic so it makes is very easy to keep pace with the energy and have good exchange who is doing the work. We flow really well that way. It becomes effortless pure bliss on these occasions.  He came a lot and it was dripping out of me.

I had noticed that the music was off and went to go fix Pandora. During the shoot I had ran to the office and unplugged what I thought was a house phone ringing.  It seemed I had somehow uplugged my internet.  Well I was fully focused trying to make it work and looking at all the cords in the office. He came in there, still naked with the cum drying on him. He embraced me from behind and he started fingering me. I was dizzy. I was instantly wet with new juices. We had barely cooled down from round 1 and within minutes he was fucking me hard standing up in office with me bracing myself on the wall. Omg it felt amazing and hot and primal.  It just had to happen. There would be nothing that would have stopped that interaction, it is like the stars and aligned and we came together in one shared orgasm.

We talked a bit more after as he had to run back to his workday, and he was later than he had agreed to be. I didn’t want him to go, but I understood.

After he left I thought about what all had happened.  I had made strides in my producing in doing one not in it that took my all and I did it in front of someone who mattered and made myself vulnerable. Our intimacy increased because of my sharing.  Then I experienced a mind blowing afternoon where every fiber in my being was ignited on a primal level. You have to be careful what you ask the universe for as it can and will deliver.

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