E1F71BCD-39C4-4382-AA8A-E43430951561Where do you even start with a blog ?  Well let’s just start here for now. I just got back from another Florida trip and filmed with a few of my friends …. It was fun, working on edits and such. I send them out to a couple different editors. But that is boring, right ?

Probably want to read about something sexier than that ? I am truly stumped sitting here all by myself trying to “blog” lol. I love writing scripts, making up stories and even being witty. You’d think I could do better, lol.

Well I will tell you some things about me I guess. That is what a blog is for? You get to know me better?  Well I am Scorpio which is a sexy sign by nature, I am mature but young in spirit. I am very sexual and sensual and quick- witted and busy.  I recently began eating more planet based since last August, I am mostly vegan esp at home (where it’s easy), and fill in with vegetarian and some fish -pescatarian when out.  I am active and work out regularly, I love wakeboarding and boating, hiking and some yoga and just started to play tennis.  I Love Shopping ! Well of course and like being creative whether it’s writing and acting in dirty movies or decorating and remodeling a house.

I just made a really cute and fun movie with Nicky Rebel from Florida and it has him being my tennis pro.  Well I am a typical rich wife taking tennis lessons and I want more. Of course I do and I get it. I usually get what I want in general so I really can’t complain. It was of course fun to shoot and he did a good job accommodating me.  IN being accommodated that is of course licking my pussy, letting me suck your cock and then most likely some good fucking which is exactly pretty much what the movie is about.  Lol

So in real life I like all that too.  Oh I am sure you are surprised, but yes I do…  So more for later … Remind me we will talk about my one girlfriend whom recently wanted to start having personal time for “us” which is working out really well 🙂

One thought

  1. I really enjoyed reading about what you’ve blogged so far. I saw a photo of you on Reddit or something that led me here. I am fascinated by older women erotica. I think because it’s a reminder of that teacher crush from years gone by or that sexy family friend or neighbor. I’m thinking about experimenting with fan fiction relate to such fantasies. I love the natural beauty you exhibit in your videos. So hot. I hope you continue with this blog as another relaxed way for you fans to connect. I will share my blog link with you later on maybe. You might want to use the WordPress Gravatar plugin to add a photo over that brown and white circle design at the top of the title page. I’m sure it will be lovely. Good luck with blogging and everything else. :-*


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