13348416-A6A9-452C-81B6-C1B71CA5380CHi So welcome to my Blog…This first one may be a little short as I am just trying to figure out how to do this…  I am self named Payton Hall , a name which which I made up for Adult Work. I started adult film about just over 6 years ago.

I got in because I needed the money and I stayed because I love it. I find that the people in adult film are some of the most genuine, honest, respectful and hardworking people in the world.  Then on top of that I get to play with some of the hottest and sexiest people ever ! So what could be better?  I have a site called http://www.PaytonHallXXX.com so check that out! As well I have a clips store on the clips for sale website ,called just like this Payton’s Place. It is store ID 73101. I will soon be adding a foot fetish one as well, Probably something like Payton’s Foot Fantasy …. My feet have gained their own popularity on wikifeet ! So That is all for today as it made me tired trying to set this up. I promise more substance next time! Kiss Kiss


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